Meet Archie the Cat. He really doesn’t look like this… but well I was doodling.. then hit “3D Extrude” just to see what would happen.  Hours and hours.. breaking Illustrator a time or two,  and waiting overnight later this appeared. I did only doodle for 5 minutes. Less actually, but the rendering took forever.

He really is an awesome cat and not this spazzy looking. Most of the time he sits at my feet, on the headrest behind me or on the windowsill at my left. Rarely is he more than 5 feet away, and he’s super sweet. He loves Willie Nelson. Sometimes he’s not bright.  He is known for getting stuck behind the door because he forgets to turn around. 🙂

Archie the Cat, Doodle#4


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Archie the Cat Five Minute Doodle

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