If you have known me for even a little while, you probably know I love cows. LOVE them. Who doesn’t? Cows are AWESOME.   The provide the makings for yummy things such as ice cream, cheese, chocolate milk, and much more. Did I mention ICE CREAM? Cows come in all shapes from cute little calves running and bouncing around the pasture to huge angus, and Brahmas.  And the colors!  Black, white, brown, green and yellow 🙂 Colorful cows abound!

This week was an equivalent of Mr. Toad’s wild ride for me. I came down with a nasty cold out of no where at the end of last week, and by midweek my voice was nearly completely gone. Of course Friday I had a booth at a big networking meeting and was worried I wouldn’t be able to speak! That would have been an interesting challenge. Thankfully between cups and cups of tea, cough drops and oranges I was able to talk on Friday, and the meeting was excellent. I will admit I was exhausted at the end though. I slept like a log last night.

Today I woke up.  Had breakfast. Did a few things around the house.  Sat down.  Slept for 2 hours. It felt good. I felt I needed something cheery and bright to kick start my brain.  There’s nothing more cheery than a cow!!

MOO!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend – and have a great, cold-free week!

Colorful Cows, Doodle#8


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Colorful cows

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