Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Luau

Do you love yummy food? Are you an amazing Hula Dancer? Do you love winning awesome prizes at auctions and raffles? Are you amazed by fire dancers? Do you love the relaxing sound of Hawaiian music? Are you a snazzy dresser? Do you want to meet and mingle with area...

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Rangeland Moo Cows

California Rangeland I say this nearly every month... but this is one of my favorite times of year. I try not to take the beauty of where I live for granted, but some days it really smacks me in the face. Driving home from a lunch meeting today was one of those days....

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome Moms out there. I hope you have a wonderful day?  How are you celebrating? I'm cooking my mom lunch (of her choice) and also bringing fresh picked strawberries from the field a couple miles from my house. They are the best...

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The Value in Paying for WordPress Maintenance

Yesterday I tweeted an article by Themefuse. Please take a moment to read and then come back 🙂  I will expand on the idea.  Their article is about avoiding "bad" themes, there is also great value in paying for WordPress maintenance as not only themes, but plugins can...

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Bee Busy and Stay On Target

Bee Busy I adore bees. Not only do they pollinate many of the plants and veggies in my garden, but they are just plain cute.  And focused! They calmly go from blossom to blossom gathering up their goodies. Nothing phases them. They may be deterred here and there when...

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Love is All You Need

"Love Love Love. Love is all you need" I heard this song on the radio the other day and have not been able to get it out of my head. Which is OK, I love the Beatles. Therefore it screamed out to be doodled. This one is pure doodling, with hearts layered on top of each...

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Welcome to Moo and Cluck!  I created this blog as another way to connect with small business owners near me, and around around the country.  While some challenges are particular to my local area, others are the same no matter where we are based.  I hope you enjoy it, find useful information, and subscribe!

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