Navigating the Marketing Market

Navigate the Digital Marketing Market Market Smarter!! There are a lot of choices these days when it comes to advertising and marketing. Entire websites and industries have sprung up just to market online, and navigating that marketing market can be an...

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Sip of Wine – Tuolumne County Chamber

There is still time to pick up tickets to the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce's Sip of Wine event next Tuesday at Seven Sisters in Black Oak Casino. This was a fun poster to create! I'm looking forward to the event....

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3 Common Mistakes When DIY-ing Your Own Website

A.K.A - Why it may cost you more in the long run. Nearly all of the web design / HTML / CSS classes I have taken involve an exercise where we pick apart a given website and look at the good and the bad portions of it. It's a great way to learn what works and what...

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Tuolumne County Chamber Luau Wrap-up

Did you make it to the Tuolumne County Chamber Luau?  It was a hot evening, but a lot of fun. Thank goodness there was lots of cold lemonade and minty water. The food by Sierra's Table was so delicious! There were many wonderful auction items - both for...

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Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Luau

Do you love yummy food? Are you an amazing Hula Dancer? Do you love winning awesome prizes at auctions and raffles? Are you amazed by fire dancers? Do you love the relaxing sound of Hawaiian music? Are you a snazzy dresser? Do you want to meet and mingle with area...

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The Value in Paying for WordPress Maintenance

Yesterday I tweeted an article by Themefuse. Please take a moment to read and then come back 🙂  I will expand on the idea.  Their article is about avoiding "bad" themes, there is also great value in paying for WordPress maintenance as not only themes, but plugins can...

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Welcome to Moo and Cluck!  I created this blog as another way to connect with small business owners near me, and around around the country.  While some challenges are particular to my local area, others are the same no matter where we are based.  I hope you enjoy it, find useful information, and subscribe!

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