The Value in Paying for WordPress Maintenance

Yesterday I tweeted an article by Themefuse. Please take a moment to read and then come back 🙂  I will expand on the idea.  Their article is about avoiding "bad" themes, there is also great value in paying for WordPress maintenance as not only themes, but plugins can...

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The old Gacillia Nut scam

Oh you silly scammers. Yesterday I received a text message from someone inquiring about my web design services. YAY! Right?  Well. No. First I thought it odd that he contacted me via text.  It's not unheard of, but odd for an initial contact as there's no way of...

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Cell Phone Product Photography Part 1

Why would I write a blog post about Cell Phone Product Photography? Yes, I'd LOVE it if masses of businesses came to me to shoot their products.  But I also realize not every business can afford that, have the time, nor would I have the time to shoot every single...

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Does My Business Need a Website?

Why does my company need a website? You might be wondering if you even need a website with all the Social Media companies out there.  The answer is absolutely, yes you do!  The biggest issue with Social Media is most people simply won't see your posts.  Even if they...

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