About Cow and Rooster

I’ve been a full time web designer and marketer for over 6 years. I love helping other small businesses grow and thrive.

Running my own business has taught me the skills and perspective to understand what other fellow business owners need to grow. We can’t do it all. We need a team of employees, suppliers, and service partners to make it run smoothly and profitably. Marketing and web design is full of fads, trends and real changes that are constantly changing. There are always new tools, new products, new social outlets, and new regulations to stay on top of. Trust me when I say that takes a lot of time! While I do make the time to keep on top of that – it’s so you don’t need to. Your business has it’s own new set of products, tools, and regulations to be concerned about.


StoryBrand Guide Badge

I’ve been a fan of StoryBrand ever since I read the book. It was everything I thought, but written in a fun to read and clear format. I love it so much I chose to go through the Certification process to help small businesses like yours attract and communicate with your clients.



Mailchimp email marketing certificied

I’m a Mailchimp Partner and Certified in their products.




Of course there’s also Google Analytics. If you don’t set and measure goals, how do you know if you’re making progress?


Rooster with cow print skin with yellow/gold circle in background. Logo for Cow and Rooster Marketing

Why the name Cow and Rooster?

My last name means rooster in German, and I love cows. Who doesn’t love cows? Cow and Rooster is a fun name that people remember. I’ve been called the cow lady, rooster lady, and it’s all good. I’m glad it’s memorable and people remember it even years later. That’s the point of branding! My logo is a fun doodle I made even before starting the company. Is it corny? Absolutely. But I like him – his name is Mooster and he likes to make people smile.

Elizabeth, Cow and Rooster Web Design

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