We’re all going through a very uncertain time right now. But even though we need to keep our physical distance, we are still together. More so than ever.

I’m proud to see my neck of the woods pull together (for the most part!), I’m thrilled that a Kinematics, a local company will be building test kits and hiring people.

I’m happy when I see people sharing what store has eggs.

I’m happy when I see people volunteer to help their more at risk neighbors get groceries and other necessities. People were even sharing their toilet paper!

I’m excited to see the creative and safe ways business are able to help their clients, or switch gears and make something completely new for the greater good.

We will get through this, we are a strong community, state, country and world. Will we all be a little different afterwards? Yes, I hope so. Hopefully we’ll have a new respect for each other, we’ll understand more about how connected each and every one of is no matter how far apart we are.

I hope we all will remember how to wash our hands!

To quote my friend Sean, be good humans.

A little about the photo – It’s made up of a couple thousand bits and pieces of photos I’ve taken over the years. Each one hand chosen. Yep it took me a while! In it are friends from all over the world. I think the flowers and wildlife are all from the west coast..

mosaic landscape with cows and flowers

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