Bee Busy

I adore bees. Not only do they pollinate many of the plants and veggies in my garden, but they are just plain cute.  And focused! They calmly go from blossom to blossom gathering up their goodies. Nothing phases them. They may be deterred here and there when someone walks by, or another bee beats them to a flower. But they just get right back to business. I don’t think they ever have a squirrel moment! I admire that level of focus!

While working today I listened to a wonderful class on Creative Live on goal setting – Goal-Setting for Your Best Year Yet. Well worth the watch if have the time. I loved the down to earth, “let’s be realistic” approach. Much like the bees we just need to focus on the flower in front of us without losing sight of the entire garden. We need to realize there will be detours without getting discouraged, and if we keep at it, we will get our pot of honey at the end. It seems like common sense… but life always seems to get in the way of our best intentions. What really struck me as different was the built in reality checks.

Dream Big

We can still dream big, we can still have the big garden. It’s just a matter of breaking it up into achievable chunks. Most importantly, and this is something I’ve heard said several times in the last week,  we just need to START. Whether it be tilling the soil, ordering seeds, or even ordering seed catalogs and a hoe. START.  Write down your goals.  Break it into steps. Post it where you’ll see it every day. I loved the idea of scheduling reminder emails to yourself!. Did I say START?  If you do a little bit each day, you’ll be farther down your path than yesterday.

Thank you Dory Willer, I loved the class.

Bee Busy, Doodle#8


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Bee Busy

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