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February 17, 2020

Do you use an email signature?

An email signature can be an easy (and often free) way make it easier for people to get in touch with you, highlight a product or service or just connect with you on social media. Depending on your email, the best response is sometimes a phone call – make it easy for the person at the other end to get a hold of you. Email footers done well can help raise your brand awareness and introduce new services.

There are a few Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Keep it short – Limit a profiled product or service to one line and a link to learn more.
  • Use color – This is another great way to bring in your brand colors
  • Change it up once in a while – swap out what service you profile, rotate your brand colors, etc. If you regularly email clients, they will stop seeing your signature – our brains tune out what we see or hear over and over again. By changing it up now and then, it’ll be new and catch the eye of customers.
  • Include only the best ways to contact you – If you are an outside sales person and never check the office voice mail, then just list your cell phone. Or the opposite if you prefer calls to go through your office number.



  • Don’t add in every last social media profile – Just a few where you have professional profiles that you regularly post to.
  • Don’t embed large images or video – Not everyone has unlimited storage for email! I once got a warning I was nearly out of storage on my personal Gmail account. I couldn’t figure out why until I realized a company I was communicating with had a HUGE video not only on the original email but it kept adding another copy along with each reply. Don’t do this to your customers!
  • Don’t include the signature on replies – see above!

My current email signature:

Email Signature

Hubspot Email Signature Generator

There are a number of email footer generators out there, I prefer Hubspot’s because it’s really quick and easy to use. (This is not an affiliate link, I’m not receiving any financial benefit from it). They offer a few layouts you can customize with your own images and colors, and it also includes directions to add it to your own email – at least for the major email providers.

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