Why does my company need a website?

You might be wondering if you even need a website with all the Social Media companies out there.  The answer is absolutely, yes you do!  The biggest issue with Social Media is most people simply won’t see your posts.  Even if they have you circled, liked, or followed.  And the Reach (your potential audience) is getting less, not more according to data by Locowise.  This isn’t great news for people depending on their Social Media pages.  Is Social Media really the best way for new customers to find you?  Even if you buy ads or pay to have your posts promoted, there’s little guarantee the right people will see them.  I did a little test and in FB’s search bar I typed in “restaurants in MyCity, CA”  .  The top post was a restaurant, but it wasn’t the restaurant’s Facebook page.  After that was a shoe store, then a whole bunch of posts about Bill Murray.  Who, to my knowledge has never owned a restaurant here.  I do think Social Media is a great way to engage in your community and interact with existing customers, but as far as a place where people go to find a product or service, it’s not the most lucrative.

By having your own website you control everything.  Do you want to have a public area for everyone, as well as a Customer or Employee Only section for specialized content?  Do you want to have a design and feel that reflects your place of business instead of a canned design where everyone looks the same?  Do you want to sell products online, send out newsletters, have a calendar of events?

If you said yes to any of this, then you need your own website!

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